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Softquatra provides a focussed code metrics approach to the maintenance and development process, backed up by world leading metrics and testing tools covering both the legacy and web paradigms. A key element of this approach is the visualisation of software complexity and code architecture for any of the ten supported programming languages and using cyclomatic complexity as the key metric.
To strengthen its position in software quality, Softquatra now provides COBOL users with the technology to upgrade their investment in COBOL by re-platforming and/or modernisation to make use of modern web technologies, social media and mobile devices.

"You cannot manage what you don't measure"

McCabe V8.5 released with enhanced analysis for C, c# and C++

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Uncover what you have tested and more importantly what you have not with Exploratory Testing and Automated JUnit generation.

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Understand your code, what its doing and why, identify redundant and duplicated code using metrics such as Cyclomatic Complexity.

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Understand what should be measured and why, put together a software metrics program using a tool driven approach. Learn how to best use the tools to maximise your return.

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