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The AgitarOne product family helps you work safer, better, and smarter as you develop and maintain your Java applications. AgitarOne JUnit Generator creates thorough JUnit tests on your code. This helps them find regressions and makes it safer and easier to improve your code to reduce the cost to maintain it.AgitarOne enables automated regression testing that is in step with your code. AgitarOne Agitator uses Exploratory Testing Techniques to help developers understand the behavior of their code as they write it. This helps prevent bugs and prevent code complexity that can become tomorrow's maintenance headache. AgitarOne Agitator helps to support both Agile and Observation Driven Development.

AgitarOne is implemented as an Eclipse add-on.

AgitarOne consists of the following components:

  • Automatic JUnit Generator
  • Interactive Exploratory Testing
  • Code Rule Checking
  • Functional Coverage Tracker
  • Developer and Management Dashboards
  • Continuous Integration and Test
  • Apple MAC Support
  • Native MAVEN Support

The AgitarOne family is the best available way to create, use, and manage the unit tests that you need to be truly agile.

Unit Test faster, better, and cheaper with AgitarOne !

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