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SoftQuaTra offers training to support the technology it sells

In order that clients can maximise their return on investment in either metrics programmes or the use of one of the tools we resell, SoftQuaTra offers training in both concepts and the tools we sell. It is quite likely that the metrics knowledge gained many years ago during university will have faded, or perhaps code metrics was omitted, our two courses are designed to bring participants up to speed with the what and why of code metrics.

Both the tools we sell are functionally rich, so to enable users to get the maximum value we offer a number of course designed to enable users to get the maximum value from day one.

We offer training in the following areas

McCabe IQ Basics - 2-3 Days
McCabe Metrics for Managers - ½ Day
AgitarOne Developer - 1 Day
AgitarOne In-depth - 4 Day
Introduction to Code Metrics - ½ Day
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