Get NetCOBOL and retain your investment in COBOL

The NetCOBOL suite helps you to retain your investment in COBOL, at the same time allowing you to expose your applications to the Internet, Cloud or Social Media without the additional cost of runtime licenses for deployed applications.

NetCOBOL provides the following benefits:

Eliminate Runtimes:
Drastically cut costs and eliminate administrative headaches. There is no additional charge for distributing applications created using NetCOBOL. NetCOBOL puts you in control of your application distribution costs.

Take Control of your distribution costs

COBOL in the Cloud
Get total scalability, complete disaster recovery and worry-free IT while drastically reducing costs. NetCOBOL for .NET now runs on Windows® AzureTM - without virtual machines or emulation.

Move to Modern User-centric Technologies
Modernise your COBOL
Replace clunky screens with modern user interfaces. Build customer-facing web portals. Integrate social media and modern web technologies. Leverage mobile devices. Move it all to the cloud. Free your code from the mainframe and take full advantage of the most advanced web framework ever. GT Software® transforms CICS applications into ASP.NET web pages for Windows® AzureTM without virtual machines or emulation.

Upgrade not Rewrite
The NetCOBOL suite is the best available route to increase your Business Agility, retain and extending your business rules. Develop to industry standards and extend your applications to Web Services, Cloud and Social, media thus opening a whole new potential end user base on Mobile Devices

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