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McCabe IQ for Software Testing Audit

McCabe IQ Test Team Edition provides comprehensive test / code coverage to focus, monitor, and document. Using industry-standard testing methods and advanced dynamic analysis techniques, McCabe IQ Test Team Edition accurately assesses the thoroughness of your testing and aids in gauging the time and resources needed to ensure a well-tested application. McCabe IQ Test Team makes use of basis path coverage to identify areas of weakness in the testing.

McCabe IQ Test Team Edition provides multiple levels of test coverage at the unit, integration, UAT, regression test phases including module, lines of code, branch coverage(extended), basis path coverage, Boolean (MC/DC for DO-178B test verification), data, class (OO), and architectural coverages.

McCabe Test Team Edition Enables User to :

Plan the Resources
In order to get the most out of testing efforts, developers, test teams, and management must have a firm understanding of the application, their testing goals, and the resources that are needed to meet those goals. McCabe IQ Test Team Edition graphically displays the application architecture and all possible test paths through the system. Knowing the test paths in advance, enables the proper planning and accurate estimations of time and costs needed to execute a proper test plan.

McCabe IQ Test Team Edition's visual environment allows you to plan software testing resources in advance, identifying test paths and the number of tests required.

Test Paths

Know Exactly What Has Been Tested
The most common question asked during software testing is: "When have I tested enough?" McCabe IQ Test Team Edition answers this question with detailed status reports of testing efforts and recommendations on where to focus additional testing. Testing can be measured during Unit, System or any of the Functional Testing stages.

The McCabe IQ Test Team Edition Battlemap shows precisely which modules in your application have been fully tested (green), partially tested (yellow), or are untested (red). These colours can be any of line, branch, basis path or boolean coverage.


Optimize Testing Efforts
Software testing is the final barrier to the release of an application into production. The thoroughness of the testing effort directly affects the quality and stability of the program. McCabe IQ Test Team Edition focuses, documents, and automates the analysis of testing efforts and provides specific recommendations to improve the effectiveness of your testing.

Tested Branches

Implement Testing Standards
The key to successful software testing is the adoption of effective testing procedures. McCabe IQ Test Team Edition automates the structured testing approach into your everyday test procedures to bring a new level of standards and confidence to your development projects.

Employee Coverage
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