McCabe IQ

McCabe IQ for Software Complexity Analysis of Mission Critical Systems

Softquatra provides a focussed code metrics approach to the maintenance and development process.
A key element of this approach is the visualisation of software complexity and code architecture and using cyclomatic complexity as the key metric.
For Java users Softquatra provides AgitarOne, to enable users to perform basis path testing in a Continuous Integration environment without the use of either files or databases.
To enable users to manage their software portfolio, Softquatra are the UK representative for The Knowledge Repository, which provides a unique way to approach the comprehension of a software portfolio no matter how large or how many applications it comprises.
For COBOL users Softquatra provides netCOBOL to upgrade their investment in COBOL by re-platforming and/or modernising to make use of modern web technologies, social media and mobile devices. 

mccabe developer

Provides objective software measurement to drive quality through advanced static analysis and visualization of the architecture, using colour to highlight the most complex areas of the code base to identify bugs and security vulnerabilities. The edition provides all the McCabe Metrics correctly calculating cyclomatic complexityusing graphing algorithms and not a simple decision counter.

mccabe test team

Provides comprehensive software code coverage metrics to focus, monitor, and document software testing processes. McCabe IQ Test Team Edition accurately assesses the thoroughness of your testing and aids in gauging the time and resources needed to ensure a well-tested application. The coverage covers the full range of Line coverage thru Extended Branch to Path Coverage and MC/DC coverage.

mccabe enterprise

Provides all the functionality of the Developers and Test Team Editions. In addition, it provides the robust enterprise reporting based around an embedded metrics database, advanced re-engineering capabilities, change analysis, and secure web-enabled test data collection. The metrics database enables programme managers to monitor and compare multiple projects in a single view.

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