JUnit Generator 

AgitarOne for automated JUnit Generation

AgitarOne JUnit Generator includes the fastest and easiest way to create a thorough regression suite of JUnit tests, both for new code and for legacy applications. AgitarOne JUnit Generator creates tests that document the behavior of your code as it exists today. Powered by Agitar's innovative software agitation technology, the analysis that AgitarOne JUnit Generator performs on your code routinely achieves JUnit coverage of 80% or better. With a sufficient server configuration it can generate 250,000 lines or more of JUnit per hour..

AgitarOne is implemented as an Eclipse add-on.

Test Paths

AgitarOne JUnit Generator provides the following functionality:
Creates a safety net for your code
Creates a Static Snashot for your new Code
Assists in the creating of Helper Methods to make tests more effective
Assists in the Creating of Mocks to make tests more effective
JUnit test generation complements interactive exploratory testing with AgitarOne Agitator
Enables automated regression testing that is always in step with your code

Unit Test faster, better, and cheaper with AgitarOne !
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