AgitarOne provides the Quality Dashboards needed for Java Code Quality

The AgitarOne product includes a powerful management quality dashboard with reports that provide comprehensive feedback to empower developers and team leads to manage, track, and report on their projects. The management quality dashboard, shows objective data on the unit-level quality and status of the Java projects, providing continuous visibility into the unit tests.
Testing goals can be defined and tracked for the project and for individual classes, and then summarized for each developer and for the overall project. Summary status information is provided at the individual project level or rolled up over several projects. Key metrics such as the number of failures, overall code coverage, total number of tests, and percentage of classes and methods with direct tests are plotted on trend charts for easy analysis. The dashboard's e-mail notification gives managers and developers all the key metrics, right to the inbox.

AgitarOne is implemented as an Eclipse add-on.

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AgitarOne Dashboards provide the manager with:

Detailed metrics across the project
As developers use AgitarOne JUnit Generator or AgitarOne Agitator to create JUnit test Assets, the AgitarOne management dashboard provides a comprehensive view of the project's health and the progress of the team's efforts.
These testing assets are further enhanced by the addition of the Functional Coverage Tracker to give a comprehensive picture of testing effort.

Summary of project data
The summary information for the project includes core data such as the numbers of classes, methods and tests, and graphs that show tetsing trends over time.

Test targets
The AgitarOne management dashboard enables teams to define targets and check progress for variables such as the total number of projects tests, the percentages of classes and methods, and the pass/failure rates of those tests.

Reports by package, class, and developer
When unit testing, it is often hard to know which parts of the system have been sufficiently tested. The AgitarOne management dashboard provides unprecedented visibility into and control over the quality of the project at a very detailed level. As the quantity and quality of unit tests increases, it becomes increasingly hard for newly introduced bugs to escape detection.

Unit Test faster, better, and cheaper with AgitarOne !
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