Functional Coverage Tracker 

AgitarOne for Functional Test Coverage

Both AgitarOne JunitGenerator and AgitarOne Agitator include automated enforcement of customizable Code Rules, standards, and guidelines. The rules can be configured to support corporate or team standards and shared amongst developers and projects to ensure that a consistent and unified set of code rules is used. AgitarOne, evaluates these rules during builds to protect the project code from error-prone coding patterns.

AgitarOne is implemented as an Eclipse add-on.

AgitarOne Putting Java to the Test
AgitarOne has been the world's leading Java unit testing solution. With the addition of the Functional Coverage Tracker, AgitarOne is jumping into the functional testing arena! AgitarOne already has been providing code coverage reporting for unit testing - on the JUnit tests automatically generated by AgitarOne , on any or all of your manually generated JUnit tests, and on AgitarOne's Agitator behavioral tests. With the Functional Coverage Tracker, AgitarOne now also tracks code coverage for functional testing of Java applications.

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Code coverage data from functional tests is imported into AgitarOne , and is presented in the same easy to use GUI and executive dashboard already available.
The importing and reporting also take full advantage of the robust Continuous Integration and Command Line Interface capabilities.

Unit Test faster, better, and cheaper with AgitarOne !
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