Exploratory Testing or Agitation 

AgitarOne for Interactive Exploratory and Agile Testing

Agitator provides a unique interactive understanding of code behavior as a developer writes or modifies Java classes or methods. Agitation helps developers validate the expected behavior of their code and discover unexpected behaviors.

To really unit test code, every line, every branch, and every outcome must be tested. That's a daunting combinatorial problem. It's not practical to create such exhaustive tests manually. Agitator automatically creates dynamic test cases, synthesizes sets of input data, and analyzes the results. When objects depend on other objects, Agitator automatically constructs those objects, enabling full analysis of the possible behaviors of the code, even if it depends on third-party libraries.
AgitarOne becomes your personal code reviewer to enable you to produce code that works first time, very time. This makes Agitation the ideal technology for supporting Agile and Test Driven Development.

AgitarOne is implemented as an Eclipse add-on.

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Unit Test faster, better, and cheaper with AgitarOne !
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