Enterprise Edition

McCabe IQ Enterprise Edition for Programme Level Static & Dynamic Metrics

McCabe IQ Enterprise Edition provides all the functionality of the Developers and Test Team Editions. In addition, it provides the robust enterprise reporting, advanced reengineering capabilities, change analysis, and secure web-enabled test data collection.

Report on Software Quality Across the Enterprise by Providing Tools for:

  • Composite Measures Across the Entire Enterprise
  • Maintaining Quality Over Time
  • Track Test Effectiveness Trends
Software Complexity

Secure, Web-enabled Test Collection

  • Works within your Browser's Security Restrictions
  • Central Collection of Testing Data

The McCabe Coverage Server sits on a host machine and interfaces with the existing McCabe IQ database. For web-based applications, the Coverage Server sits on the web server where the application has been published. To use the McCabe Coverage Server, the McCabe Test product and parsers must be licensed and installed. The McCabe Coverage Server creates a socket connection and transfers information between the Coverage Server and the application component. Once the testing information is brought back to McCabe IQ database, generating and viewing the testing reports is possible.

The McCabe Coverage Server is an enabling technology that will allow for dynamic feedback via a browser applet to display on the testers desktop. This new technology will be able to display the structure chart of the application source code and overlay real-time testing feedback of the application under test. Testers can now use this feedback to modify and create test cases on the fly to better test applications.

Powerful Reengineering Capability provided by:

  • McCabe Slice
  • McCabe Compare
  • McCabe Data
  • McCabe Change
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