Developer Edition

McCabe IQ Developer Edition for Static Analysis

McCabe IQ Developer Edition is an interactive, visual environment for managing software quality through advanced static analysis, providing a comprehensive solution to the challenges that face quality assurance and development teams.

Built on McCabe's groundbreaking research in software quality measurement (i.e. McCabe's Cyclomatic Complexity), McCabe IQ Developer Edition delivers lower error rates, shorter testing cycles and reduced software maintenance efforts. McCabe IQ builds stability, accountability and quality into software development initiatives. With its interactive, visual environment, you can quickly and objectively gauge the quality of your code and focus resources where they will have the greatest impact on your projects. McCabe IQ shows you exactly where the software complexity lies in your application, allowing for precise targeting of your development and testing resources.

McCabe Developer Edition Provides :

Objective Quality Assessment - Software Metrics

McCabe IQ Developer Edition mitigates software risk by calculating insightful software metrics and thereby identifying complex and error-prone code. Note: All metrics can be exported to XML for use in third-party tools.

Software Measurement

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

While not all complex code is neccessarily risky, McCabe IQ Developer Edition will show you exactly where the complexity and risk lies in your application. Detailed, color-coded structure Battlemaps, scatter plot diagrams, and flow graphs provide key points of visual communication between QA managers and developers to quickly determine the complexity of code modules. McCabe IQ Developers Edition's Battlemap uses colour to show you which sections of your code are simple (green), somewhat complex yellow), and very complex red).

Software Visualisation

Visualized Quality Improvement

McCabe IQ Developer Edition Metric Trend Reports track a system's metric values over time to document the progress made in improving the overall stability and quality of the project.

Customized Reporting

McCabe IQ Developer Edition's reporting features are designed to make metrics information understandable and easily accessible. The graphical, system-level reports can also be custom designed to fit specific documentation requirements. Reports can be saved to a variety of common formats. The Edition has Eclipse and Visual Studio® add-on integration options

Cyclomatic Complexity
Developers Edition comes complete with the following components:

McCabe Compare

McCabe Compare helps you locate redundant code or duplicated logic so you can either delete or reengineer it, decreasing the size of the application and your maintenance efforts. The smaller application will be more efficient, and less likely to contain errors.

The heart of McCabe Compare is a module comparison tool to locate suspect code. The module comparison tool lets you select predefined search criteria or establish your own search criteria for finding similar modules. After you select the search criteria, you can determine if there is any redundant code or duplicated logic. If you do find redundant code, you may want to use the module comparison tool to compare the original modules with the restructured versions and verify that the restructured modules preserve the original modules' decision and calling structure.

McCabe Data

McCabe Data gives you the power to track data use within your programs and anticipate complexity. The parser analyzes the data declarations and parameters in your code. As a result of this analysis, McCabe Data is able to produce metrics based on data.

McCabe Data produces two kinds of data-related metrics: global data and specified data.

Global data refers to those data variables that are declared as global in your code.

Specified data refers to the data variables that you specify as what is called a specified data set in the data dictionary, one of the tools in McCabe Data. McCabe Data includes a host of tools and reports to help you locate, track, and (if you are also licensed for McCabe IQ Test Edition) test code containing specified data, as well as enforce naming conventions.

McCabe Change

Use McCabe Change to identify the modules in your program that have changed since the first time you parsed your code. In other words, if you modify the code in one of your programs and then reparse it, McCabe Change can indicate which modules contain code that was changed.

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