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SoftQuaTra Company Profile

SoftQuaTra is a private limited consultancy company, formed in 2009 by its principal, Mark Zaremba-Tymieniecki MBCS CITP TD.

Why ?

Software Quality and Training was created out of a growing sense of unease with IT development trends in the UK. Software Quality is increasingly being viewed as code that works on the day, with little thought allowed for all the factors that lead to ease of testing and maintainability for the future. This approach leads to increasing maintenance costs and increasingly inflexible and unstable code bases.

To meet this challenge SoftQuaTra was formed to help clients regain control of their code inventories and reduce their immediate and long term maintenance costs. To this end we are delighted to be associated with McCabe Software, the world's leading company in the field of Software Metrics and Testing and be part of their global reseller network in the United Kingdom, Eire and Europe. Both McCabe IQ and AgitarOne are supported by comprehensive training, mentoring and consultancy services designed to ensure that clients enjoy the maximum benefit from their investment in the software.

netCOBOL was added to the portfolio to assist clients in lowering their replatforming and software deployment costs.

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