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Softquatra for Training and Mentoring with Code Quality Metrics

Undertaking Metrics, programs or the adoption of complex Inventory, Measurement and Testing software is rarely accomplished without mentoring or specialist technical knowledge. To support our concepts and products we undertake short to medium term consultancy assignments in the following areas:
  • McCabe Metrics & their Meaning
  • Static & Dynamic Analysis projects
  • On-Site Code Complexity Analysis Projects
    Pricing is dependent on number of languages and assumes 20 day project
    One Language - from £12000
    Two Languages - from £13,000
    Three Languages from £14,000
  • Metrics Programs
  • White Box Testing Programs
  • Outsourcing Contracts - Software Code Analysis
  • Outsourcing Audit and Monitoring - Software Metrics Perspective
  • Application Modernisation
  • Business Rule Mining

We provide expertise in McCabe IQ/ AgitarOne based around 12 years experience with the tools.

In order to provide the most flexible service to our customer base the maximum length assignment we can presently satisfy to is 12 weeks.

Monthly & Quaterly Licensing for McCabe IQ

In order to enable end users and consultancies to undertake code base assessments using their own staff, McCabe have introduced Monthly & Quaterly Licensing. Please contact us for further details

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